Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Big Progress

The Ivy Stacks crew has been working hard in transferring materials from boxes into trays and accessioning them onto the shelves.  It is very physical labor and taking its toll on my 50-something arms and legs.  But my back if fine, so I am happy about that.  Thanks to Renee, Ray, Steve, Daniel, Tyler and Tim for their efforts. 

In an earlier post I stated I hoped we could process 5000, or even 6000 items/day.  I am very gratified to report that we are definitely averaging around 5500 items/day and our record for one day stands at over 7900 items shelved.  That's tremendous especially since a lot of these were the very heavy and clumsy DL size books.  We still have a few hundred boxes of those to get through, but then we will be looking at a bunch of AH and BH size items and they are smaller and lighter.  I think we can sustain a rate of 120,000 items shelved/month which would mean we would be very close to our goal of having these materials available for circulation in January 2012.  Please, everyone, keep your fingers crossed for us.  Thanks.