Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Visit to Orange, VA

The bulk of our boxes from Ivy are being placed in temporary storage at a facility in Orange, VA.  We started sending them out there last week beginning September 20, 2010.  The boxes are placed 36 to a pallet then secured in stretch wrap.  30 pallets fit into a tractor trailer (you can't place a pallet of books on top of another pallet--the weight is too much on the lower boxes) and we have sent 14 loads as of this morning.  So, we have a lot of boxes in Orange.

I was very pleased with the situation at the warehouse.  It has been raining in Central Virginia for the past couple of days but I saw not one hint of water on the floor much less leaking from the ceiling. The owners of the building have invested in significant upgrades to the HVAC and security of the area housing our materials and they looked well cared for and well organized.  The owner and workers at the facility understand the nature of their charge--over 600,000 items that are important to the research and teaching at the University of Virginia--and they take it seriously.  They are committed to the safety and wellness of our books, bound journals, documents, and other valued materials.

We should have all the boxes out of Ivy in mid to late October.  We'll post some pictures soon.  So far, so good!