Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Big Progress with the Construction at Ivy

The construction company, Martin Horn, has made a lot of progress at Ivy stacks.  All the old HVAC, sprinkler pipes, lights, and everything else has been removed.  Even as the last of the old air vents were being moved out for recycling the new duct work was being installed.  Renee has posted some new photos and the scene is quite impressive.  Check them out on the Photos page.

We have now begun some serious work on sorting our items from Ivy by size.  Even though we don't have any trays yet, and we have no extra space to store materials that have been sorted by size, we have begun going through the first of 36,000 boxes to measure the item (using the sizing template that is standard in this work and made by some very good people in Facilities Management), make sure the bar code is in the proper position, and place like sized items into clearly marked boxes.  The idea being when we have trays and the facility is ready to shelve them, we will be able to quickly place the items in appropriate trays, scan the materials into the inventory management system, and place them on the correct shelf. 

The schedule now calls for essential completion of all construction in mid-July 2011.  That is awesome.  We will need to process (from sizing to the shelf) over 6000 items/day to make our target of re-opening Ivy in January, 2012, but I am optimistic this can be done.  So far things have gone well and I believe this will continue to be the case until I am convinced otherwise.  I mean, really, what could go wrong?