Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Not Much News. So Far So Good.

I haven't posted recently because most of the work being done now is in the hands of Facilities Management.  They have just finished up the process for selecting a construction company to remove the HVAC and sprinkler systems in Ivy Stacks.  The contract was awarded to Martin Horn, Inc. (http://www.martinhorn.com), a Charlottesville general contractor that has done a lot of business with the University over the years.  They will also work with Spacesaver in the installation of the new HVAC, sprinkler, and shelving systems as well as a new water pumping station required for the fire suppression system.  I have been working on ordering cardboard trays and an inventory management system and we will soon be doing some pre-accession work on our books and journals by placing bar codes on each item and starting to sort by size.

Doug, Taryn and I took a field trip to Blacksburg, VA to check out the operations at Virginia Tech Library's remote shelving site.  Thanks to Charla Lancaster, Christopher Peters, and the whole crew at Va. Tech's facility.  They have been shelving by size for over 15 years. They do some amazing work there and all of us were appreciative of the opportunity to learn from their experience.   It will be of major benefit to us very soon as we begin to process our materials one item at a time.  All one million of them.  Taryn is a VT alum so they were especially considerate to us!