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View looking at the back half of Ivy Stacks.

Meanwhile at Linden Ave....books are being sorted into the old Ivy Stacks boxes according to size so that they can be easily transferred to the new boxes.

The first of three sets of fifty-foot long shelves.

Close-up of the rails buried in the concrete floor.
Second set of shelving going in.
A myriad of bolts...

Adding the individual shelves.
The crew at work...

The new LEO van has arrived!!

The construction HQ had to be moved outside.  They're running out of room in there!

Paul looks on as they work on the third and final set of shelves.

Here the partially-complete third section of shelving is visible.

View of the completed first section of shelving from the top!  All we need are trays filled with books!
This shows the amount of space between the movable shelf and the wall.  Not much is wasted!

Paul illustrates a safety feature.

Tyler and Daniel ready the books for the accession process.

Almost there!  These trays of accessioned materials are ready to be put on the shelves.

These books have been accessioned and are in their new homes!!

The shelves down Aisle 3 are filling up.
Aisle 3 from the ground looking up.  33' high and 192' long.

Aisle 4 L is pretty busy and the right side has some space for yet more stuff.

Orange warehouse before
Orange warehouse now from approximately the same angle.  Paul and Steve look at one last, lonely pallet to go.