Thursday, November 18, 2010

Top Ten Answers I Give to Others

I seem to repeat myself a lot because I talk with a lot of different groups and individuals about this project.  Here are the top ten answers I give to the many questions I am asked:

#1)  I don't know.
#2)  Yes.
#3)  No.
#4) That's the plan.
#5)  I have no plan for that.
#6)  Can I get back to you that?
#7)  Sorry about that.  I probably should have asked first.
#8)  So far, so good.
#9)  That's right, the company that makes the trays doesn't sell the plastic handles. 
#10)  That's a Google thing, not an Ivy Stacks thing. (UVa Library is a participant in the Google Book Project and our two projects are sometimes confused). 

There are no secrets with this enterprise.